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Black Warrior Review Annual Contest Winners

Congrats to the winners of the Ninth Annual Contest for Black Warrior Review, which are featured in the latest issue:

Mari Christmas: “Baby”

Meredith Clark: “Lyrebird”

Hannah Aizenman: “History, or Umbilicus”

Chad Brandon Anderson
Diana Arterian
Colin Bassett
Kelly Connor
Matthew Fee
Yanara Friedland
Maggie Glover and Isaac Pressnell
Lauren Hilger
Kristen Iskandrian
Sara Jaffe
Dong Li
Jacqueline Lyons
Cate Lycurgus
Emily Moore
Bruno Nelson
Leah Poole Osowski
Anne Ray
Allie Rowbottom
Jayme Russell
Brittney Scott
T.D. Storm
Shawn Wen

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