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Binge Press: Instant Chapbooks & Mini Broadsides

Jodiann Stevenson and Rebecca Hardin-Thrift are the editorial effort behind Binge Press, dedicated to publishing poetry written by women only. Their most recent production includes a series of “instant chapbooks” – half-size, saddle-stiched booklets featuring the works of one poet (Gina Myers, Ashley Niedzwiecki, Robin F. Brox, Elizabeth Kerlikowske) – and “mini broadsides” – full-color, glossy business cards on one side promoting Binge Press, and on the other, one poem by each of the chapbook poets. Stevenson recently completed a reading tour with several of the poets, and is currently accepting submissions for a new series. To read more about Binge Press, purchase chapbooks/broadsides, or review the submissions guidelines, visit their website.

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