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Baltimore Review Contest Winners

The Baltimore Review has announced the winners of their winter issue contest:

Le Hinton, 1st place, for “Epidemic”
Shenan Prestwich, 2nd place, for “Settling”
D.M. Armstrong, 3rd place, for “Take Care”

The final judge for the contest was Bruce A. Jacobs.

The winning poems and story are included in the online issue launched February 1. The issue also features work by Linda Pastan, Reginald Harris, Gregory Wolos, Sally Rosen Kindred, Jen Hirt, Kristin Camitta Zimet, Brad Rose, Priyatam Mudivarti, Grace Curtis, Noreen McAuliffe, Angie Macri, Helen Degen Cohen, Brandel France de Bravo, Joanna Pearson, Megan Grumbling, Patrick Milian, Amanda Leigh Rogers, Michael Ugulini, Jon Udelson, and Elizabeth Wetmore, as well as responses to two visual prompts.

February 1 also marks the beginning of the current submission period for The Baltimore Review.

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