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Bacopa 2011 Literary Review Prizes

The newest edition of Bacopa: A Literary Review from the Writers Alliance of GAinesville, includes the winners of the 2011 Bacopa Genre Awards:

1st JoeAnn Hart, “Open House”
2nd Mandy Manning, “Growth”
Honorable Mention Q. Lindsey Barrett “Toro-nado”

1st Amanda Skelton, “Warding off the Monkey”
2nd Carolyne Wright, “Los Olvidados: The Forgotten Ones”
Honorable Mention Ed McCourt, “Watching Rocco”

1st Colleen Runyan, “me or the tea”
2nd Erika Brumett, “Fight Overheard in Sign Language”
Honorable Mention Carolyne Wright, “Acrostic: Evcharistoic Eulene”

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