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Awards :: Sami Rohr

Sana Krasikov, author of the short story collection One More Year, has won the $100,000 Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature for emerging writers of Jewish literature. “The characters who populate Krasikov’s stories are mostly women–some are new to America; some still live in the former Soviet Union, in Georgia or Russia; and some have returned to Russia to find a country they barely recognize and people they no longer understand. Mothers leave children behind; children abandon their parents. Almost all of them look to love to repair their lives, and when love isn’t really there, they attempt to make do with relationships that substitute for love.”

Dalia Sofer, author of The Septembers of Shiraz, won the $25,000 Sami Rohr Prize Choice Award.

The Sami Rohr Prize is the largest monetary prize for Jewish literature, as well as one of the largest literary prizes globally, with fiction and nonfiction considered in alternating years.

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