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Asian American Literary Review Forum

The Spring 2012 issue of The Asian American Literary Review features a forum in which Min Hyoung Song asks participants about the “continuities between the earlier generation of writers which first raised the banner of an Asian American literature and a later generation of writers which inherited it,” and whether or not it “even make[s] sense to talk about contemporary American writers of Asian ancestry as comprising a generation” and what commitments they may share.

Participants in the forum include Genny Lim, Eugene Gloria, Peter Bacho, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Greg Choy, Gary Pak, Cathy Schlund-Vials, Velina Hasu Houston, Susan Schultz, Juliana Hu Pegues, Lavina Dhingra, Audrey Wu Clark, Allan Kornblum, Sunyoung Lee, Neelanjana Banerjee, Marianne Villanueva, forWord, Marie Hara, Anna Kazumi Stahl, Fred Wah, Katie Hae Leo, Giles Li, Ravi Shankar, Mariam Lam, Richard Oyama & David Mura.

A sample of the responses can be read on the AALR website.

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