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Art :: Wheelchair = Paintbrush

Tommy Hollenstein: Tracking Art
By Sam Maddox
New Mobility, April 2008

“Tommy Hollenstein’s artwork is colorful and chaotic yet infused with the optimism and transformative drama that define the Southern California experience. Tommy is a native Angelino ex-surfer boy who sports a mini-Mohawk bleach job and a tanned and mellow Valley boy manner. He’s been getting lots of traction, so to speak, with his work. He paints by joystick — that is, with the tires of his power wheelchair — rolling through paint spilled on the floor, or with a dab of color coated on the tires to layer colors toward a unique, complex whole. He calls it a sort of ‘action painting.'”

Read the rest and see several more images of Hollenstein and his art on New Mobility.

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