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apt: Reversing the Trend?

Edited by Randolph Pfaff, Carissa Halston, Robin E. Mørk, and J.F. Lynch, apt magazine of literature and art has been publishing online since 2005, and will continue to do so, but have now initiated an annual print issue.

Reversing the trend over the past years of print magazines going online, apt editors comment, “In a time when readers are crying that print is (finally, honestly, genuinely) dead, we’ve moved to a the tangible pages. Our approach to this shift is similar to our aesthetic. . . We want apt to surprise its readers with its willingness to showcase experimental work alongside traditional pieces, but also for the delivery of the material.”

And, aptly enough, this first issue is available in paper or PDF.

The inaugural print issue of apt features the work of Brian Bahouth, David Bartone, Franco Belmonte, Liam Day, Javier Berzal de Dios, Shannon Derby, Cyndi Gacosta, Carissa Halston, Christina Kapp, J.F. Lynch, Seann McCollum, Dolan Morgan, Robin E. Mørk, Pete Mullen, Randolph Pfaff, Vincent Scarpa, Janelle M. Segarra, N. A’Yara Stein, and Curtis Tompkins.

apt is part of Aforementioned Productions. Aforementioned is a small press and producer of readings, theatre, and other literary events.

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