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Amiri Baraka Special Folio

amiri-barakaThe newest issue of Indiana Review includes a special folio, “Understanding Readiness,” which is “meant to present diverse explorations and meditations on the impact of the writing, the figure, and political influence of Amiri Baraka” Poetry Editor Nandi Comer and Editor Britt Ashley write, “The voices in this section share Baraka’s aesthetic bravery – one that grabs its audience, demanding we listen to issues concerning contemporary American life. It also must be noted that the diversity in aesthetic and background of these writers speaks to the span of Baraka’s reach.”

Writers contributing to this folio: francine j. harris, Patricia Smith, Roger Reeves, Tarfiah Faizullah, Toi Derricotte, Matthew Shenoda, and avery r. young. Included with the written works are Amiri Baraka’s original drawings curated from Indiana University’s Lily Library.

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