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Alligator Juniper Contest Winners – 2012

The newest issue of Alligator Juniper from Prescott College (AZ) features the winners from the publication’s annual writing and photography contest, as well as the winners of the Suzanne Tito Prize (a full list of finalists can be found on the website):

National Poetry Contest Winner
Elton Glaser, “Coupling on the Edge of Entropy”
Finalists: Christopher Buckley, Iris Marble Cushing, Marta Ferguson, Lexa Hillyer, Althea Rose Schelling
Suzanne Tito Prize Winner: Laura Hitt

National Creative Nonfiction Winner
Eli Connaughton, “Burial”
Finalists: Chris Guppy, Debra Marquart, Natalie Vestin
Suzanne Tito Prize Winner: Laura Hitt
National Fiction Winner
Janet Hilliard-Osborn, “Mycology”
Finalists: Veronica Castro, Julie Hensley, Michael Pearce, Josh Peterson, Sarah Elizabeth Schantz
Suzanne Tito Prize Winner: Molly Kiff

National Photography Winners
First Place Prizewinner: Morgan Neuharth
Second Place Prizewinner: Christine Weller
Third Place Prizewinner: Don Fike
Finalists: Morgan Neuharth, Christine Weller, Don Fike, Barbara Burghart-Perreault, Cloe Cox, Elektra Fike-Data, George Lewis, Dan Meylor, Arlene Minuskin, Seth Quigg, Amy Siqveland
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