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Alligator Juniper Contest Winners – 2010

Alligator Juniper annual 2010, a publication of Prescott College, includes the winners of the 2010 National and Student Writing and Photography Contest:

National Prizewinners
Fiction: “Wings Raised Up ” by Laurie Ann Doyle
Poetry: “In Leaving My Lover Teaches Me Half a Bible Story ” by Lillian-Yvonne Bertram
Creative Nonfiction: “The Mormon Martyr’s Guide to Chemical Reactions ” by Miles Fuller
Photography: “Covenant Transport I ” by Marilyn Szabo (selected by David Taylor)

Prescott College Student Prizewinners
Fiction: “How to Become a Model ” by Laura Hitt (selected by Vickie Weaver)
Poetry: “Tierra Bendita ” by Jessica Roth (selected by Zach Savage)
Creative Nonfiction: “White Birds ” by Jessica Roth (selected by Dianne Aprile)
Photography: “Guardian Angel ” by K. Angeline Pittenger (selected by David Taylor)

A complete list of winners and finalists is available on the AJ website.

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