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About Place and Dignity as an Endangered Species

about place journalPublished by the Black Earth Institute, dedicated to re-forging the links between art, spirit, and society, the May 2019 issue of About Place is themed “Dignity As An Endangered Species.”

Issue Editor Pamela Uschuk notes that the editors “chose work that addressed the question, what is dignity?” from the starting point that “dignity is endangered during these times.” Assistant Editor CMarie Fuhrman asserts, “It is necessary that we begin to define, for ourselves and as a Nation, that which makes us human, humane.” And Assistant Editor Maggie Miller explores the concept of dignity and closes her preface: “With chin up, shoulders back, we too go forward – with dignity given not  taken away.”

Contributors to the issue include Rita Dove, Joy Harjo, Jacqueline Johnson, Patricia Spears Jones, Fenton Johnson, Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, Linda Weasel Head, Kelle Groom, Maria Melendez Kelson, Cornelius Eady, Sagirah Shahid, Inés Hernández-Ávila, Gerald L. Coleman, K.LEE, K. Eltinaé, and Kimberly Blaeser.

Submissions for the next issue of About Place Journal are being accepted until August 1, 2019 on the theme: “Infinite Country: Deepening Our Connection to Place, Culture and One Another.” Editor Austin Smith and Assistant Editors Taylor Brorby and  Brenna Cussen Anglada.

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