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2016 Raymond Carver Contest Winners

Winners of the 16th annual Carve Magazine Raymond Carver Contest can be found both in the Fall 2016 print issue of Carve as well as online here. Guest Judge Caitlin Horrocks selected the following works:

carveWinners of the 2016 Raymond Carver Contest

1st place
“And It Is My Fault” by Janet Towle

2nd place
“Come Down to the Water” by Emily Flamm

3rd place
“A Working Theory of Stellar Collapse” by Sam Miller Khaikin

Editor’s Choice
Selected by Anna Zumbahlen
“Mostly Sunny (With a Slight Chance of Rain)” by Chelsea Catherine

Editor’s Choice
Selected by Claire Schadler
“A Wave Breaking” by Phoebe Driscoll

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