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2015 Raymond Carver Contest Winners

carve magazineNow in its 15th year, the Carve Magazine Raymond Carver Contest is one of the most well-known short story contests of our time. From over 1200 entries this year, 2015 Guest Judge: Andre Dubus III made the following selections:

“Arrangements” by Charlie Watts in Providence, RI

“Kudzu” by Andrea Bobotis in Denver, CO

“Jack Nicely” by Amanda Pauley in Elliston, VA

Editor’s Choice selected by Editor in Chief Matthew Limpede
“The Giant” by Joe Shlichta in Olympia, WA

Editor’s Choice selected by Associte Editor Suzanne Barnecut
“All That We Burned, All That We Loved” by Laura Haugen in U.S.A.

The winning works are available to read in the Fall 2015 issue of Carve Magazine as well as in full on the Carve website.

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