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2013 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize

Ruminate‘s Spring 2013 issue features the winners of the 2013 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize, judged by Brian Doyle.

First Place
Craig Reinbold: “The Girl in the Photograph”

Doyle writes, “What seems to be reporting of fact slides ever so deftly into being an essay about love and loss and grace and dignity and memory and how we live and how we are confusions and glories. Just a lovely and moving piece.”

Second Place
Lindsey DeLoach Jones: “Fall in Love, Lourdemie”

Doyle writes, “‘Fall in Love, Lourdemie’ also has a bracing lack of ego and pretense of manneredness–it, too, is about the thorny sea of love, and is written with a clear open honest that was refreshing to read.”

Honorable Mention
Denise Frame Harlan: “Smoke Rings”

Doyle writes, “‘Smoke Rings’ takes a structure . . . and plays with it in creative fashion. A very well-made piece of work.”

Caroline Crawford
Kerri Dieffenwierth
Debbie Hagan
Mark Liebenow
Rachel Montany
Emily Rosenbaum
Jeffrey Schneider
Allison Backous Troy

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