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17 Years Ago Today

This short preface to the Winter 2009 issue of Glimmer Train was a nice look back. It’s not a birthday or anniversary, just years of living life and saying, Whew! it’s been a long road, a hard road, and a bad road, and a good road: “Seventeen years ago we published our first issue of Glimmer Train Stories. The Gulf War had just ended, the Soviet Union was collapsing, the first-ever documented South Atlantic tropical cyclone developed in the Southern Hemisphere, the Dow passed 3000 for the first time, Tim Berners-Lee released an article describing his idea for the World Wide Web, and the first President Bush was in the final year of his presidency. We’re sending this issue to press just weeks before the November 4 election, an old chapter closing and a new one pushing open. And for the two of us, as well: We have now both crossed into our second half-century, and life is a compelling as it’s ever been. It’s good being alive, being sisters, and doing this work.” Susan and Linda – keep it going girls!

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