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Uncle Frank’s Diary

Uncle Frank’s Diary

Grant Burns (Uncle Frank) Archives

Number 28 Uncle Frank and the Dupes of Hazard

Number 27 Bad Books! Bad, Bad Books!

Number 26 Book Awards and the Best Writers of Their Generation: Too Many of Both

Number 25 So Let Her Die, Already

Number 24 Mourning in America

Number 23 Darker than Black: The Pod People Prevail

Number 22 The Bush Gang: Creating Their Own Reality

Number 21 Glory Days: Boy George as High-School Jerk

Number 20 Conventional Whizzdom: Fear Itself

Number 19 The Passion of the Crust

Number 18 Exploiting Experience: Politician and Poet, Two of a Kind

Number 17 Uncle Frank Goes to the Library, Almost

Number 16  Drop the Almanac, Pal, and Spread ‘Em!

Number 15 What Would $100 Billion Buy on the Library Market?

Number 14 What’s Left of Iraq’s Libraries?

Number 13  And Oil Has Nothing To Do With It.

Number 12  Nausea.

Number 11  I’m Going to Dig a Hole.

Number 10 Who Needs Librarians? Let’s Get Some Trained Monkeys.

Number 9 Taking Candy from Strange Websites

Number 8 Uncle Frank Comes Back Mad

Number 7 Uncle Frank Takes a Trip

Number 6 9-11: We Didn’t Make Them Do It

Number 5 The Night I Prayed for Castro, and  What Happened Then

Number 4 Publishing on Demand: Good Deal, or Fool’s Errand?

Number 3 Books and Toasters: Who Ya Gonna Trust?

Number 2 To Breath Is to Judge: An Attempt to Think Calmly

Number 1 Says Schroeder, “We have a very serious issue with librarians.”

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