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eye-rhyme - 2003

A little journal. Sometimes when we say "little" we mean inconsequential, insubstantial, or sometimes we may mean unnoticed or even unpretentious. But when it comes to eye-rhyme, I mean, literally, little. This diminutive volume measures about 4 ½ x 4 ½, which gives it an "experimental" aspect from the get go. I appreciate the opportunity to think about the meaning of "experimental literature," which in the case of eye-rhyme includes: unusual, original, and/or hybrid forms, language that deliberately strives to break the conventions of normative logic, attention to non "mainstream" or "commercial" literary endeavors, a preponderance of images and language from "popular culture,” an eroticism that borders on the pornographic, and a tone, in much of the poetry, as well as the prose, that defies definition, but that somehow manages to be both bold and casual.

In their opening note, titled "Attention Reader!" the editors tell us, "We are fierce and handsome, soft and lovely," and it's true; there is fierceness and loveliness here. Fierce: "…I've met John / the Baptist and would have liked / to deliver his head / on a platter / to my drunk friends" ("City Bus Ride in April," by S. Asher Sund). Lovely: "This morning I bathed / my eyes with the tiny / star shaped blossoms / of the Jade plant / in this cold sunlight" ("My Landscape" by Yumiko Tsumura). [eye-rhyme, Pinball Publishing, 2621 SE Clinton, Portland, OR 97202. E-mail: . Single issue $9.00.] - SR

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Review Posted on September 30, 2003

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