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Dark Sky Magazine - May 2010

  • Published Date: May 2010
  • Publication Cycle: Daily online

This magazine presents reading material nearly every day and a great variety of it. There is fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interviews, book reviews, observations of various sorts, and a selection of online stories from other online magazines. The magazine is a bit difficult to negotiate and archives are not easily accessible, but a monthly calendar is available and one simply clicks the day desired. Also, they do not label things well, and I often found myself unable to decipher what was fiction versus nonfiction.

Having said that, they do not lack a sense of humor here, and much of the writing is presented in a tongue-in-cheek, free-spirited manner. The May 28 entry has a stark picture of four gentlemen from early in the twentieth century just sitting, but the caption suggests they are waiting for their mail. This leads to an article about Roland Goity, editor of LITnIMAGE, who received a form rejection from Notre Dame Review after 1186 days! There follows a lively discussion of rejection slips, submissions, and the time elements therein by Brandi Wells. There is also an entertaining interview with writer Sean Lovelace.

Dark Sky publishes their own fiction and that of other online journals. One of the most entertaining stories I have read in the past year, absolutely hilarious, is “You Shot Me,” by Ryan Dilbert (May 26), Sleet Magazine, about a young girl who is shot in the ribs by her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, and the ex-girlfriend visits her while she is recuperating in the hospital and they begin to compare notes about the boyfriend. His ear for dialogue here is simply marvelous. Two other good ones are “Moshiach is Here,” by Pauline Page in Our Stories which won the 2010 Gordon Award for flash fiction, and “A County of Husbands,” by Debbie Ann Ice in Night Train, which is just plain good writing. A recent story of their own is the very humorous story by Richard Fulco (May 25) entitled “The Anarchist,” about a man who wakes up to discover he has no hands and tries to carry on his duties at work as though nothing has happened.

So much to report and no more space … Some lit mags come out once a year which borders on the ridiculous, this lit mag comes out almost every day which borders on the wonderful. You never know what you’re going to get and it is always entertaining. Tune in and have some fun.

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Review Posted on June 14, 2010

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