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The Journal - Autumn/Winter 2003

This slender journal from Ohio State presents well-chosen fiction, poetry, and a piece of non-fiction, mostly from well-known writers such as Robin Behn and Gary Fincke. Not a lot of surprises here, but you’ll find solid selections to sink your teeth into. Doing a great job of capturing the creepier side of mythology was Maggen Lyon’s “Leda and the Swan: A Recurring Nightmare.” Some sample lines from the first part of the poem, in the voice of a distinctly unsavory Zeus: “This is me holding you down. / This is me splaying you, limb / from limb. / This is me following your shadow like fog / on a leash, / breathing my green hot stench. / I know where you sleep, girlie. I take you / in dreams, / like a riptide, / drag you to the watery / edge.” And the ironic poem “Anecdotes” by Baron Wormser pokes fun the actions at the heart of most poetry: “The man recalls a Sunday softball game; / The child stops at a puddle and peers into / Gorgeous nothingness; the tree falls or doesn’t.” [The Journal, Dept. of English, Ohio State University, 164 W 17th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43210. E-mail: . Single issue $7.] - JHG

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Review Posted on January 31, 2004

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