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My Immaculate Assassin

  • Image: Image
  • Book Type: Fiction
  • by: David Huddle
  • Date Published: September 2016
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-936797-77-6
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 256pp
  • Price: $16.95
  • Review by: MacKenzie Hamilton

Imagine you’ve discovered a way to assassinate anyone you please, with guaranteed anonymity, and it’s as easy as a single click of a button. Maura Nelson makes this discovery in what seems to be an epiphany. This knowledge is too heavy a burden for Maura to carry alone, so she enlists the help of Jack Plymouth. Together the two of them must battle morality and sense in My Immaculate Assassin by David Huddle.

“‘It wasn’t something I was trying to find out, and the instant I knew it, I wanted to give it back.” Maura isn’t proud of her discovery; in fact, she wishes she had never stumbled upon it. She is an accomplished scholar, and what many would call a genius. Jack Plymouth is somewhat in awe of her and the partnership leads quickly into a steamy romance. The couple finds that following the ‘transitions’ (as they would come to call them) they are incredibly aroused and often found themselves in the bedroom.

Dr. Hatemo is working with sex traffickers. He’s a bad man that Maura and Jack deem unworthy of life. What they don’t consider is the chance that life could actually get worse for the girl in his house when his life is taken, but they decide to take that chance anyway. Maura brings it upon herself, and in turn Jack, to fly to Florida to find the girl—Kira Gregorevna—whose life they have irreversibly changed.

Kira seems to be holding up fine so the pair leave her and head back toward home where they are forced to meet face to face with the monster they have inadvertently given Kira to. Knowing they’ve made a mistake they rush home to transition another person in Kira’s life. As the stakes continue to rise the ‘transitions’ seem to become the pair’s first option. They can easily eliminate any problems they face, and it isn’t long before they’re doing just that with every ‘problem’ they come across. There’s a distinct undertone pointing toward an ugly end to this game, but the pair still invite Kira to give up the names of anyone in the organization so that they may ‘transition’ them.

Eventually, Maura and Jack once again find themselves in their original reality where they cannot just remove any problem they see fit. It’s as if someone threw water on the flame that fueled their desire, and when the ability to kill is no longer linking the two, they no longer feel the link at all.

My Immaculate Assassin is sure to appeal to fans of sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and more. The characters struggle to find a balance between right and wrong, while also trying to keep their love affair afloat. David Huddle navigates this thrilling tale with expertise and wit.


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Review Posted on December 01, 2016 Last modified on December 01, 2016

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