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Publications for Young Writers

Drawn image of a face in profile looking at a full moon with the words Community Journalism Project

NewPages maintains two guides where young readers and writers can find print and online literary magazines to read, places to publish their own works, and legitimate contests: Publications for Young Writers and Writing Contests for Young Writers. Both of these are ad-free resources regularly updated with carefully vetted content.

Many of the magazines listed on NewPages Publications for Young Writers include resources to inspire and mentor writing. One such publication is the Young Writers Project that features a full year’s worth of writing and visual art “Challenges.” These are organized by week, with all entries in response to these prompts being considered for various publications, including the monthly digital magazine, The Voice, as well as for the YWP annual anthology.

In addition to this, YWP’s Community Journalism Project runs weekly prompts based on “newsy, issue-based challenges” as well as a special Climate Change Project.

These are wonderful resources for teachers to use in the classroom as well as for anyone mentoring young readers or writers in their lives.

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