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Sponsored :: New Book :: An Abundance of Caution

cover of An Abundance of Caution, a book by George Witte

An Abundance of Caution, Poetry by George Witte

Unbound Edition Press, May 2023

Distinguished by expert attention to image and phrase, line and sentence, rhythm and tone, George Witte’s An Abundance of Caution proves much more than a showcase of virtuoso technique. Witte’s formal skill lends voice and body to the crucial work of finding grace in a time marked by environmental crisis, global pandemic, and personal loss. His poems gain their depth and dimension from attentiveness to the lives of others, the details of the natural world, and the often-bewildering ways we live now. In lines both formal and free, these poems answer uncertainty with clarity, imagination, and compassion.

“The poet’s incredible attention to image, rhythm, and insistence upon the exact right word creates an incantatory sense of era-encapsulating collection of stylish, deftly composed poems.”–Kirkus Reviews

“These elegantly constructed poems about “each livid day” are definitely worth listening to.”–Ron Charles, The Washington Post Book Club Newsletter

“Visionary is what I would call the quality that enables these poems to know realities that exceed comprehension …”–H. L. Hix

“Witte’s poems find their way in, taking up residence in the mind and heart.”–David Yezzi

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