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The Antioch Review: Keep Calm & Read On

Antioch Review - Keep CalmThe Antioch Review offers visitors to their website a reminder to “Keep Calm and Read On.” During these times, they give some suggestions and encourage: “Reading to family who want a moment and modicum of normalcy” or “Reading to someone who just wants to close their eyes and escape into the lines of literature” or “Reading to appreciate the literary arts as these have uplifted us, offered us sanctuary, filled our minds (and often our hearts), opened our eyes, challenged our souls, and satisfied our spirits for eons.” They give some other ideas of who could use some reading to at their homepage, a reminder that we can find comfort or an escape in the worlds writers create.

Publishing for seventy-five years, The Antioch Review’s archive contains plenty of reading material if you need to stock up on some calming words.

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