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Meat for Teacast & Le Cirque Salé

Meat for Tea: The Valley Review cover imageIf you didn’t already know, Meat for Tea: The Valley Review is a print literary magazine founded in 2006. They publish quarterly issues of short fiction, flash and micro-fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, and visual arts of all kinds. They are committed to retaining a punk rock aesthetic while presenting readers with work of the highest quality.

Besides their quarterly issues, Meat for Tea offers an audio companion in their podcast which serves up live recordings of spoken word and music, conversations with authors and other artists, and more! They have just uploaded the 20th episode for their second season on June 5 which features editor Elizabeth Macduffie with Matt Latham.

Meat for Tea also hosts launch events for their quarterly issues. The past few events have all been virtual and free to access. To see these, visit their website.

They have the Le Cirque Salé taking place via Facebook on Saturday June 12 from 7-10 PM. This will be a virtual celebration of their “criadilla de toro” issue featuring an art exhibit from Shawn Farley and John Allen, the standup comedy of Ezra Prior, spoken word performances, videos by Piper Preston and Thomas Matthew Campbell, and more.

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