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Mayur Kalbag’s Mythical Voyage

Adventures of Poorna by Mayur KalbagGuest Post by Durdana Parveen

Adventures of Poorna, the debut work of Mayur Kalbag, is a mythical voyage of the protagonist Rudra who wakes up in a strange land and meets a monk there. Upon his guidance, he sets out on a long quest, gains a lot of mystical skills, discovers his past life, meets his guru and friends, and finally finds the purpose of his rebirth.

The plots and characters were so beautifully described that they could get struck in the reader’s mind forever. The concept of shivering was distinctly redefined in many instances. I personally liked the way author personified leaves and thorns in the story: “leaf would bite if not asked permission to pluck it” and “the thorns oozed ink when touched the leaf.” The colored water and the vapors that monk offers Rudra to quench his thirst and satiate his hunger were fascinating.

In addition to the detailed description of the plots and characters the author also mentions many rituals: havan pooja, third eye opening, appearance of Lord Shiva, and many other spiritual and mystical events.

The title is apt to the story and the author’s intentions and scope of the book are well-depicted. Although the story is little lengthy, I like the book as a whole and I’d recommend it for all the readers.

Adventures of Poorna by Mayur Kalbag. Penman Books, March 2020.

Reviewer bio: I’m Durdana Parveen Mohammad from India. I am currently pursuing my MBBS and writes poems, quotes, and reviews as a hobby at my own instagram page: @ifathwrites.

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