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Magazine Stand :: Topical Poetry – May 2023

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Topical Poetry contributors share poems based on a recent public news/event, preferably from the previous or current week. Editors select the best ones and publish them on the website twice a month, on every other Sunday. “Poetry on current events can be transformational, thought-provoking, and everlasting.” Recent works include “DEMAND DEMAND DEMAND” by Veronica Caporuscio, “Quantum Physics Proves There is No Such Thing as Nothing” by Gabby Gilliam, “Baker’s Farm” by Dale Hensarling, “10,000%” by William Aarnes, “Wokeness” by Garry Unmey, “Another End of the World Type Scenario” by Chris Bullard, “Full Circle” by Rick Blum, “Marjorie Taylor Greene” by David Blumenfeld, “It’s My Birthday!” by Meghan Martin, “A Week Of Shootings” by Jefferey L. Taylor, “On Lies Many Shapes” by Jen Schneider, “R.U.D” by J.B. Hogan, and “Careless Consequences” by Keziah Simms.

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