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Magazine Stand :: The Tiger Moth Review -Issue 10

cover of The Tiger Moth Review Issue 10

The Tiger Moth Review marks the publication of its tenth issue this summer, which celebrates the voices of writers and artists from Singapore, the region, and the rest of the world. Issue 10 is a compact issue that begins with Liberty Leggett’s “Instructions for surviving the twenty-first century,” which includes learning to “breathe salt water.” There is a sense of honoring our ancestors and recognizing the wisdom and knowledge of the communal and collective in KayLee Chie Kuehl, Andy Oram, and Zen Teh’s poetry and art. Death is a theme in this issue, as is the rebirth and reclamation of self and home. Alejandra Pena’s closing poem offers “a rebellion, a lighthouse, a map home” remembering our fathers who parted seas and walked without shoes or sleep in search of “the promised land” now called home. Other contributors from this issue include Claire Jean Kim, Marie-Andree Auclair, Tara Menon, Adrienne Pilon, Amy Akiko, Georgie Bailey, Drew Townsend, Smitha Sehgal, Eliana Franklin, Upasana Mitter, Calvin VanErgens, and Cerra Cathryn Anderson. Editor Esther Vincent Xueming adds, “Two current and former students of mine, Renee Yeap and Joseph Lee, have their prose and poetry featured respectively, and this is an immensely proud moment for me as an educator.”

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