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Magazine Stand – The Opiate – 32

The Opiate volume 32 cover image

A new year is upon us. But, as usual, what has really changed? Fear not, however – if something truly different is what you’re looking for, perhaps The Opiate, Vol. 32 can assist. For it contains audacious fiction from Camille Boulay, Ben Rosenstock, Megan Bowyer, and Ryder LeVieux, as well as piercing poetry from Susie Gharib, Steve Denehan, Rochelle Jewel Shapiro, E Kidd, Cathy Allman, Colleen Surprise Jones, Mike Wilson, Barbara Tramonte, Chiara Maxia, Mark Simpson, Ron Kolm, and Lorelei Bacht. Maybe the new year is off to a promising start after all… So what are you waiting for? Get dosed!

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