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Magazine Stand :: The Conversationalist – December 2022

The Conversationalist December 2022 online alternative magazine cover image

If you’re in search of some new media outlets, The Conversationalist is a nonprofit feminist media outlet publishing online journalism focused on a global perspective, from the personal to the political. The Conversationalist is a platform for original reporting and commentary from writers with under-amplified perspectives. The publication takes an empathetic approach to increase media literacy and inspire conversation around sensitive challenges in global affairs. Recent articles include “Made in Pakistan” by Anmol Irfan, “Buffalo and Uvalde, Six Months Later” by Raina Lipsitz, “Russia’s New Anti-LGBTQ Legislation is Just More of the Same Authoritarianism” by Chrissy Stroop, “Freedom to Want” by Melissa Chadburn, “Can We Writer Our Way to a New Word?” by Racel Pafe, and numerous others on topics like adult friendship, climate change, books, travel, community, abolition, food, and more. “Feminist stories. Global Perspectives. Zero BS.” Find more great reading at the NewPages Big List of Alternative Magazines.

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