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Magazine Stand :: Superpresent – Summer 2023

Superpresent Summer 2023 cover image

Superpresent is a unique magazine in that it puts equal emphasis on the written word and visual arts, publishing work from a diverse set of talented writers, artists, and filmmakers. “When we chose the theme for this, our tenth issue,” explains Editor Kevin Clement, “we didn’t do an inquiry on the term ‘inquiries.’ Perhaps we should have. We didn’t expand on the theme as we sometimes do. Perhaps we should have. We did make the word plural, hoping for multiplicity. We weren’t disappointed. The writers and artists who contributed to this issue put forth questions across disciplines.” Providing some commentary on select pieces, Clements adds, “frequent contributor Duncan Forbes sent three poems that pose some fascinating questions and an essay on the brain which includes an analysis of one of our favorite Dickinson poems on the same subject. Her poem questions as it proposes. Our arts editor proposed questions to artist Aimée Beaubien whose work graces the cover. We know readers will enjoy her thoughtful responses which, like her art, have layers upon layers, questions upon questions.” Visit the Superpresent website today to read the entire issue.

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