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Magazine Stand :: Storm Cellar – Autumn 2022

Storm Cellar print literary magazine Autumn 2022 issue cover image

The Autumn 2022 issue of Storm Cellar: A Literary Journal of Safety and Danger, available in print or ebook, is nicknamed “Hobby Horse” and features fiction by David Busboom, Mandy-Suzanne Wong; flash by MAP, Carolyn Oliver, Ali Abid, DM O’Connor, JWGoll; creative nonfiction by Philip James Shaw, Theresa Lin; poetry by Tyra Douyon, Cecilia Díaz Gómez translated by Kiran Bhat, Natalie Louise Tombasco, Martha Zweig, Rigel Portales, Danielle McMahon, Stephen C. Middleton, Leigh Lucas, Ranney Campbell, Naomi Kanakia; images by Lesley Finn, Marija Mičić, Melody Serra, Sijia Ma, Jean Wolff, Mario Loprete, Erick Buendia, Dylan Willoughby, and cover by Maria Svartvadet Jakobsen. “We want everybody to get weird and enlightened and learn and fall in love and have superpowers,” the editors write. “We want to surprise and delight and horrify and provoke. Storm Cellar is not a distraction but a cure for boredom.” Your safety and danger await!

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