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Magazine Stand :: River Heron Review – 5.2

River Heron Review online poetry magazine Issue 5.2 August 2022 cover image

Publishing in an open-access online format since 2019, River Heron Review is true to its namesake in being a sophisticatedly stylish journal. This newest issue features the work of Thomas McGuire, winner of the 2022 River Heron Poetry Prize selected by Deshawn McKinney. Finalists whose works are also included: Sarah Carey, Tresha Faye Haefner, Steve Nolan, and Sal Ragen. Contributors’ works fill out the rest of this installment, including Julie Cooper-Fratrik, Stephanie McConnell, Sylvia Karman, Jennifer Bullis, Grant Clauser, Beth Oast Williams, Michael Young, Eve Rosenbaum, Stephanie Yue Duhem, Suzanne Honda, Grant Chemidlin, Carol Sadtler, Richard Foerster, Amy Beth Sisson, Matt Thomas, Lisa Marie Oliver, Charity Everitt, Andrea McLaughlin, Gloria Monaghan, Devon Balwit, Ken Turner, Daniel Rabuzzi, Cheryl Martone, Ale de Luis, and Frank Paino. General Submissions and The River Heron Editors’ Prize opened on September 1 until November 30. Additional submissions and contest period deadlines can be found on the River Heron Review website.

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