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Magazine Stand :: Quartet – Winter 2023

Quartet online poetry journal winter 2023 issue cover image

Quartet is an online poetry journal featuring work by women fifty and over and is enjoyed by readers around the globe – twenty countries, including Ukraine and Malta. Originally publishing four issues a year, the editors will be cutting back to three. All is well, they assure readers, but the editors are hoping to regain some writing time for themselves and use the opportunity to increase the number of poems per issue for the triannual publication. “This makes us very happy,” says Editor Linda Blaskey, “because there was so much good work we were turning away each submission period.”

The name Quartet was not based on the number of issues, but rather for the four founding members, a close group of friends. The editors select poems together and each also have their own specific jobs to do behind the scenes but all communication is signed “The Editors” because “we truly feel we are working as a collective. We stand shoulder to shoulder in our pride of what we’ve accomplished with Quartet.”

Readers to the newest issue of Quartet can find works by Anne Barney, Maria Berardi, Anne Wessel Dwyer, Christine Jones, Jayne Marek, Kate Maxwell, Gloria Monaghan, Miriam O’Neal, Michele Parker Randall, Claudia M. Reder, Caroline Reid, Maggie Rosen, Deborah Straw, Dawn Terpstra, Marjorie Thomsen, and Susan Zimmerman with cover art by Franetta McMillian.

There is also and “Editor’s Choice” section with poems that are automatically entered in Quartert‘s single-poem contest with the winner announced Winter 2024.

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