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Magazine Stand :: Plant-Human Quarterly – Issue 9

Plant Human Quaterly Issue 9

Following the rhythm of the planet, Plant-Human Quarterly publishes four issues each year: one on each solstice and equinox. Plant-Human Quarterly Issue 9 explores the myriad ways writers manifest their relationship to the botanical world, attempting to communicate across boundaries and possibly approach a plant’s-eye-view of the world. Poems and essays are paired with botanical images, merging verbal and visual mediums. In this issue, Candela Murillo’s artwork is paired with writing from Robert Bensen, Margaret Chula, Deborah Doolittle, Camille Dungy, Leonore Hildebrandt, Andrea Hollander, Susan Jefts, Kelly Madigan, Davis McCombs, Mark McKain, Bertha Rogers, Jean Ryan, Eleni Sikelianos, and Barry Wallenstein. Plant-Human Quarterly is produced in collaboration with the Otherwise Collective, based in Amsterdam, NL.

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