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Magazine Stand :: MockingHeart Review – Spring/Summer 2023

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The online triannual MockingHeart Review publishes twenty poems per issue as well as a featured poet. The editors look for works “that express the complexities of the human heart in clear, precise, lyrical language.” The publication also features up to ten pieces of art per issue, as well as an occasional featured artist, for all kinds of artwork. “Our taste is diverse and ever-expanding,” the editors say. Jo Taylor is the featured poet in this newest issue and is joined by contributions by Al Maginnes, Arvilla Fee, Barbara Brooks, Cecil Morris, Christian Ward, Christine Perry, Dianna MacKinnon Henning, Emily Eads, Jean Podralski, John Tustin, Ken Hines, Laurel Benjamin, Mark J. Mitchell, Mike Lewis-Beck, Rachel Dacus, Richard Dinges, Jr., Robert L. Dean, Jr., Steve Brisendine, and Suzanne E. Wiltz.

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