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Magazine Stand :: Willow Springs – Fall 2022

Willow Springs print literary magazine Fall 2022 issue cover image

Happy 90th to Willow Springs! Well, 90th ISSUE that is! Included in this installment is a special feature with Albert Godbarth, beginning with several poems and followed by an interview, which is a bit of a unicorn since Goldbarth “is not a fan of interviews. He would rather write poems than speak about them, and he would rather we read the poems than ask about them.” Also included in this issue are works by Hussain Ahmed, Rasha Alduwaisan, Nicole V Basta, Denver Butson, Aran Donovan, Kindall Fredricks, James Grabill, Juliana Gray, Tom Mccauley, Joan Murray, Matthew Nienow, Triin Paja, Amanda Maret Scharf, Emily Schulten, Melissa Studdard, Elizabeth Tannen, Fritz Ward, David Wojciechowski, Gregory Byrd, Anca Fodor, Jason Graff, Julie Innis, Anthony Kelly, and Lauren Osborn. And that beautiful goat on the cover is Heavens Falling by Alexis Trice.

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