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Magazine Stand :: Volney Road Review – Spring 2022

Volney Road Review online literary magazine Spring 2022 issue cover image

In the online Volney Road Review Spring 2022, N.P. Stokes announces his stepping down from his role as Editor-in-Chief and passing the torch to Mallory Raider for the continuation of the biannual publication. Stokes writes, “Art comes from many places, inspiration, effort, and, not the least of these, love. In many ways, art is the expression of personal growth, it is tangible fragment insight the artist releases to the world. The communication of this flash of purpose that brings author, artist, and audience together in the shared experience of beauty.” Allowing us to share in this experience of beauty in this newest issue are works of Prose by Dianne Lee Blomberg, Dante DelBene, and Harvey James; Poetry by Amanda Hawk, W. Barrett Munn, Cassandra Lawton, and Michael T. Young; and Drama by Rose O’Keefe.

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