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Magazine Stand :: The Dillydoun Review – June 2022

The Dillydoun Review June 2022 literary magazine cover image

The newest issue of The Dillydoun Review has a genre for everyone, perfect for your summer beach or favorite park bench reading. Just stay in the shade as you enjoy Short Stories by Soidenet Gue, Michael McGuire, Max Talley; Flash Fiction by Atom Cheung, Alice Orr, Kylee Webb; Poetry by Tobi Alfier, Jeffrey Dreiblatt, Jess Levens, Lilian McCarthy, Laura Ann Reed, Patrick Wilcox; Prose Poetry by Glenn Armstrong, Emily Kingery, Preeti Talwai; Nonfiction by Shannon Barbour, Matthew William Jeng-Zhe Seaton; Flash Nonfiction by Amanda Barnett, Giuseppina Iacono Lobo, James Morena, Sarahmarie Specht-Bird, and Guinotte Wise. All free to read online – so head on over today!

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