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Magazine Stand :: Speckled Trout – Spring 2022

Speckled Trout Review online poetry magazine Spring 2022 issue cover image

In their introduction to the Spring 2022 Speckled Trout (4.1) online poetry magazine, Kevin J. McDaniel, Founder, and Nancy Dillingham, Associate Poetry Editor, share that the issue includes “poets from wide-ranging backgrounds and locales share their unique takes on life’s trials, its foibles, and the diverse paths that connect us all in this human experiment,” with works from Anjail Ahmad, Ann Chinnis, Christine Cock, Joe Cottonwood, Chris Ellery, David Ford, Robert Gibb, Babo Kamel, Erren Kelly, Bruce McRae, Marda Messick, Jesse Millner, W. Barrett Munn, Charles Rammelkamp, John Reed, and Jan Schmidt. The Fall 2022 (4.2) publication will be a print issue with “freedom: as the guiding theme.” Specific submission guidelines will be announced on September 1, 2022, so check them out now to see if you might have a good fit for submission!

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