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Magazine Stand :: Space and Culture – November 2022

Space and Culture International Journal of Social Space November 2022 issue cover image

Space and Culture brings together critical interdisciplinary theory and research on social spaces and spatializations, eveyday rhythms and cultural topologies at the interface of urban geography, sociology, cultural studies, studies of time-space, architectural theory, ethnography, media and urban studies, environmental studies. Space and Culture‘s focus is on social spaces, such as retail, laboratory, leisure spaces, suburbia, virtual spaces, diasporic spaces or migrancy, or the home and everyday life. This most recent issue includes articles like “Emigration Chests in Ankara, Turkey,” “Socio-technological Factors and Changing Urban Spaces,” “Homeless People in Public Space and the Politics of (In)visibility,” “A Paradigm Model of Traditional Iranian Neighborhood (Mahalleh),” “Cross-cultural Encounters in Urban Festivals,” and many more in this 200+ page issue.

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