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Magazine Stand :: Rejoinder – Spring 2022

Rejoinder online literary magazine spring 2022 issue cover image

Published online annually in the spring by the Institute for Research on Women (IRW) at Rutgers University in partnership with The Feminist Art Project, Rejoinder is an online journal featuring work at the intersection of scholarship and activism that reflects feminist/queer and social justice perspectives. Rejoinder publishes critical essays, fiction, poetry, and art. While some issue submissions are by invitation only or commissioned, other issues will have open calls around a specific theme or concept. Past issue themes include: Marking Time; Borders, Bodies, Homes; The Stranger Within; Me Too; Storytelling for Social Change; Climate in Crisis.

The spring 2022 issue is themed Trauma and features poetry by Okolo Chinua, artwork with artists statements by Kathy Bruce, Celia Vara, and Gail Winbury, and essays such as “A Pandemic Parent’s Story of Sadness and Loneliness” by Jennifer S. Griffiths, “Being Toward Trauma: Theorizing Post-Violence Sexuality” by Mahaliah A. Little, “Translating Body and Trauma” by Emily Irvin, and “From Buried to Living Archives: Illustration as a Vessel to Access Portals of Sound Memory. A Culture of Hope in the Making — the Cambodian Case.” by Ravy Puth.

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