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Magazine Stand :: ICONOCLAST Celebrates 30 Years

Iconoclast print literary magazine fall 2022 issue cover image

For 30 years, more than 120 issues, ICONOCLAST Magazine has sought out and carefully selected the best new writing and poetry available from among all genres and styles and entertainment levels. Its mission is to provide a serious publishing opportunity for unheralded, unknown but deserving creators, whose work is often overlooked or trampled in the commercial, university, or internet marketplace. Among the writers appearing in ICONOCLAST first or early in their careers are Stephen Graham Jones (multi-genre fiction), Verbena “Ben” Pastor (several Italian bestsellers), Kyle Lung, and Marshall Williams. ICONOCLAST Poets that have won awards include Terrance Hayes, Marge Piercy, Gerald Locklin, Stanley Nelson, A D. Winans, and normal. As an independent, unaffiliated publication, ICONOCLAST has much of value to offer American life and letters. Single copies as well as subscriptions are available.

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