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Magazine Stand :: Hole in the Head re:View – v3 n3

Hole in the Head re:View online literary magazine August 2022 issue cover image

“You need another literary journal like you need a hole in the head. We’re here for you.” That tagline pretty much sums up the playful attitude you’ll find at Hole in the Head re:View, an online quarterly publishing on “Groundhog Day, May Day, the editor’s birthday in August, and the day after Halloween.” Publishing poetry, art, photography, reviews, and interviews, contributors to the newest issue include Kenneth Rosen, Ginny Speirs (incl. cover art), Jeanne Julian, Laura Schaeffer, Sara Wallace, Christopher Paul Brown, Erika Michael, Jenny Doughty, Ellen Stone, Jeff Mann, Diana K. Malek, Mark DeCarteret & Pat Keck, Elizabeth Iannaci, Robin Young, Larkin Warren, Cheryl Slover-Linett, Chloe’ Firetto-Toomey, Roger Camp, Cecil Morris, Joan Mazza, M.S. Rooney, Charter Weeks, Bob Herz, David P. Miller, Annette Sisson, Larissa Monique Hauck, Brett Warren, Howie Faerstein, Jack Bordnick, Mary Beth Hines, Jim Rioux, Geoffrey Aitken, Michael T. Young, Andrew K. Clark, Casey Clark, Miho Kinnas, Bookend – Sebastian Matthews interview, Sebastian Matthews, and Greg Clary.

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