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Magazine Stand :: Glassworks – Spring 2022

Glassworks literary magazine spring 2022 issue cover image

Originally founded in 1779 as “GlassWorks in the Woods,” Glassworks is a publication of the MA in Writing program at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, publishing both free-access online and print copy for purchase. Glassworks Issue 24 features artwork by Guilherme Bergamini, Rachel Coyne, Elinora Lord, and Leah Oates; fiction by Charlie Beckerman, Marco Etheridge, and Garth Robinson; nonfiction by Cole Brayfield and Cheryl Skory Suma; and poetry by Jared Beloff, Joel Best, Susana H. Case, Jessica de Koninck, Iris A. Law, Sharon Lopez Mooney, Toti O’Brien, Susan Chock Salgy, Kira Stevens, Denise Utt, Austin Veldman, and Cynthia Ventresca. Glassworks’ reading period is August 15 – December 15 for submissions in artwork, fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, flash, and hybrid forms. ​There is no fee to submit through November 30 OR for the first 1,000 submissions, whatever comes first. After that, there is a $2 fee. Don’t delay!

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