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Magazine Stand :: Exposition Review – 2022

Exposition Review online literary magazine Volume VII 2022 issue cover image

Exposition Review is an independent, multi-genre literary journal that publishes narratives by new, emerging, and established writers in the genres of fiction, flash fiction, nonfiction, poetry, scripts for stage & screen, film, experimental narratives, visual art, and comics. The newest issue (Vol. VII) is themed “Flux” which means to “capture moments of change—gradual and sudden, subtle and profound, intensely personal and immensely public.”

Readers can find Fiction by Laura Freudig, Sara Landers, Mandy Shunnarah, Bernard Steeds, Kylee Webb; Flash Fiction by Carolyn Oliver, Cathy Ulrich, Lucy Zhang; Nonfiction by Jodi Scott Elliott, Charles Jensen, Achiro Patricia Olwoch (DREAMing Out Loud Contributor), Tania Perez Osuna; Poetry by Marianne Chan, jason b crawford, Lynda V. E. Crawford, Stephanie Kaylor, Alejandra Medina (WriteGirl Contributor); Stage & Screen by F. J. Hartland, Uma Incrocci, Alec Silberblatt; Experimental Narratives by Zachary Guerra, Kathryn Stam; Visual Art & Comics by ARTARIANICA (the collaborative effort of Jessy Randall and Briget Heidmous), Dmitry Borshch, Roger Camp, Meg Reynolds, Rebekah Scotland, Lorna Simpson, Film by Nate Hapke, Flora Rees-Arredondo; and an interview with Justin Chang,

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