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Magazine Stand :: Driftwood Press – Issue 9.2

Driftwood Press online literary and art magazine Issue 9.2 cover image

Driftwood Press will be switching to an annual anthology structure, so this is the final “biannual” issue for readers to enjoy. The latest short stories “Winged,” “Sore Vexed,” and “The Great Fall” show off the versatility of Driftwood Press like no other issue: readers are moved from a war-torn country to a Norweigian countryside, then to a global pandemic of missing memories. This issue also includes numerous poems investigating the paranormal, gun violence, familial strife, and more.

Driftwood Press also offers readers interviews with most of their contributors, with this issue featuring Chad Gusler, Caroline Bock, Kate Griffin, Daisuke Shen, Samantha Padgett, Emily DeMaio Newton, Danae Younge, Kindall Fredricks, Roben Gow, Danielle Shorr, Laura Goldin, Adriana Stimola, Kelly Gray, Amanda Hartzell, Austin Sanchez-Moran, Daniel Ferreira, and Amanda Ngo and Kendall Krantz, and additional works by Maxime Cousineau-Pérusse, Triin Paja, and Sofia Sears.

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