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Magazine Stand :: Creative Nonfiction – Fall 2022

Creative Nonfiction print literary magazine Fall 2022 issue cover image

Creative Nonfiction #78 is themed “Experiments in Voice” and focuses on unconventional narrators and shifting perspectives. What is voice? How do you find yours? How can you change it, rearrange it, play with it? And then, how can you use it to make change in the world? This issue of Creative Nonfiction celebrates writerly playfulness, exploration, and risk-taking, featuring breathless, epistolary, speculative, second-person, and snarky essays. Plus, an interview with Hysterical memoirist Elissa Bassist, close reads of work by Steve Coughlin, Jaquira Díaz, Margo Jefferson, and R. Eric Thomas, micro-essays, and contributions from Sonya Huber, Beth Kephart, Leath Tonino, and Jill Christman among others.

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