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Magazine Stand – Concho River Review 36.1

Concho River Review literary magazine spring/summer 2022 issue cover image

The Spring/Summer 2022 issue of Concho Review Review features fiction by Marco Etheridge, David Harris, Paul Juhasz, Judy Stanigar, Gemini Wahhaj; poetry by Jonathan Bracker, Matthew Brennan, Nick Conrad, William Virgil Davis, Holly Day, David Denny, Lynn Domina, George Drew, Shawna Ervin, William Heath, Ann Howells, Ken Meisel, Gary Mesick, Elizabeth Rees, John Rutherford, Claire Scott, Matthew J. Spireng, Chuck Taylor, Larry D. Thomas, Barbara Tyler, Matthew Ulland, David Vancil, Maryfrances Wagner, Harold Whit Williams, Neal Zirn; and nonfiction by Janice Airhart, Michael Howarth, Kay Long, Gabriel Carlos Lopez. Cover photograph: UntamedPhotography by Tim L. Vasquez.

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