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Magazine Stand :: Coastal Shelf #6

Coastal Shelf Winter 2022 #6 online literary magazine cover image

Billed as their first “annual” issue, Coastal Shelf #6 (Winter 2022) features “more long prose than ever (over 3k words, with a few even over 5k) which includes a mix of non-fiction and fiction, as well as a novel excerpt, and a really strong selection of poetry.” In addition to its “standard” contributions, Coastal Shelf offers two unique features: “Waterlogged Paper” are reprints of works that appeared in print, not online; “Ones That Got Away” are for pieces Coastal Shelf turned down that got accepted elsewhere with links to those publications. Contributors to this issue include poetry by Esther Ra, Alex Aldred, J.B. Hill, Savannah Williams, Cecil Morris, Justin Lacour, Francine Rubin, Andrew Najberg; flash prose by Sofia Spencer, Véronique Béquin, Thomas Kearnes; long prose, by Adrienne Pine, Rachel Carlson, Mac MacDaniel, Sherri H. Hoffman; “Waterlogged Paper” by Marisa P. Clark, Marisa P. Clark, Danny McLaren.

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